Smith wins decisive victory at Monmouth County Convention

“I Fight for America. Every. Single. Day.”

On Saturday, Rep. Chris Smith, the popular congressman from central New Jersey
won a landslide victory—67% of the vote—receiving the official endorsement of the
Monmouth County Republican Committee at their convention held at the I-Play America
in Freehold Township.

The GOP organizational endorsement includes significant grassroots support and
the awarding of the coveted county line with enhanced positioning on the June primary

“I deeply appreciate the resounding vote of confidence and support for the work
I have been doing on behalf of the people of the Fourth District, including and especially
in Monmouth County,” said Smith who is seeking reelection this fall in the newly
configured Fourth Congressional District.

“Monmouth County is home to so many talented and dedicated leaders and I am
eager to hit the campaign trail with Sheriff Shaun Golden and County Commissioners
Tom Arnone and Nick DiRocco to work with dedicated county committee members to
secure victory,” Smith said.

Smith’s victory came after he addressed the convention railing against Biden’s
disastrous first year and policy debacles.

“Every day, the consequences of Biden’s policies and flawed judgement has put
our security at home and abroad at grave risk and has caused a huge spike in
inflation—the highest in 40 years,” Smith said.

Smith cited Biden’s “failed retreat in Afghanistan” which caused the death of 13
U.S. servicemembers; Biden’s attempts at mandatory vaccinations which Smith called “a
serious violation of individual liberty”; the skyrocketing levels of crime under Biden’s
first year noting that “the left wants to defund the police”; and the failure to build the
wall on the southern border.

Smith pointed out, “I not only voted “NO” on Biden’s $5 trillion tax increase,
green new deal legislation called the Build Back Better Act—I spoke out against it during
the House debate.”

“I voted “NO” on all of the impeachment charges brought to smear President
Trump. And I voted “NO” on Pelosi’s January 6 th Committee,” Smith said.

Smith who is his renowned for his ability to help constituents solve problems,
emphasized his legislative and casework success as well as his achievements with local
official on local projects.

“I always put our district first,” he said. “That is why I supported a measure to
bring real infrastructure funding to Monmouth County.

“N.J has too many unmet needs for repair of our roads, bridges and railways, and
for flood resilience. In Monmouth County alone, there are 117 structurally deficient

Smith told the Convention, “In 2020, when President Trump proposed a $2
trillion infrastructure plan—which he called “very big and bold”—I was all in but it never

Smith quoted former Republican Congressman Frank Lobiondo who called Smith
a “workhorse not a show horse” adding context to the many significant laws Smith has
written to create veterans’ benefits and programs; combat sex and labor trafficking;
assist families struggling with autism; combat international child abduction; and
promote religious freedom.

Smith also highlighted his leadership in fighting for the weakest and most
vulnerable including unborn children and his record standing up to the Chinese
Communist Party and their egregious human rights violations including genocide.

In closing Smith said, “Ronald Reagan was right when he said freedom is never
more than one generation away from extinction.”

“I’m fighting for America. Every. Single. Day.”

The victory at the Monmouth County Convention came one day after the Ocean
County Republican Organization’s screening committee awarded Smith their unanimous
endorsement, an endorsement which carries significant influence on the full Ocean GOP

The back-to-back victories gives Smith significant momentum heading into the
March 10 th Ocean GOP Convention as he seeks to lock up the party line in both counties.

The Fourth District is split, with 32% residing in Monmouth County and 68% of the
residents living in Ocean County.