About Chris.

A Leader We Can Trust

Effective Advocacy for the People of New Jersey

Congressman Chris Smith has a nationally recognized constituent services operation that gets results for the individual constituents and families. Chris is relentless in his pursuit of justice on behalf of the people of his district, and no problem is too big or too small for Chris and his office to tackle. And Chris put’s his same can-do attitude to work for towns, counties, and organizations across the state ensuring that they—and the state of New Jersey are getting the fair consideration for support they deserve from the federal government.

Chris Smith is the reliable first call for individual constituents experiencing a wide range of problems and difficulties. He and his staff leave no stone unturned in their efforts to advocate passionately, consistently and privately (unless otherwise requested) for the best possible outcome.

Solving Local Problems; Turning Solutions into National Policies

Chris takes lessons learned from solving individual casework matters–and helping local governments and organizations—and turns those successes into national policies. He is a trusted leader who believes passionately that government can and must help those who are struggling or have been wronged or disenfranchised by the federal government.

A Proven Record of Legislative Accomplishment…

According to the non-partisan, empirical data found on GovTrack.us, Congressman Smith is the most effective legislator out of all 435 current members of the House of Representatives. He has gotten more comprehensive bills signed into law than the rest of the New Jersey Congressional delegation combined.

Chris has written forty-seven federal laws to help every day Americans with issues like:

  • Veterans healthcare, education, compensation benefits & housing
  • Autism research, treatment & support services
  • Putting an end to International Parental Child Abduction and bringing American children back home
  • Combating Human Trafficking
  • Anti-terrorism and Embassy Security

…With The Passion and Dedication To Keep Getting Results for the People of New Jersey

Chris Smith has earned the reputation of a courageous advocate for the people. Media outlets across NJ, year after year, have recognized his tenacity, calling him a “bulldog” and “veteran’s best friend” because of his tireless commitment to seeking justice and helping those who cannot help themselves. Even when Congress is, in Chris’ words, “paralyzed with gridlock,” he has the determination, experience and know-how to get bills out of Congress and to the president’s desk.