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Rep Smith’s remarks at the 2023 March for Life

Excerpt- “…Clearly a new national debate on abortion has begun. …Regrettably…the pro-abortion culture of denial, a modern day flat earth society, continues to deny, devalue and disrespect unborn baby girls and boys and they trivialize the harm that is suffered by women. The United States—and the world—must recognize the breathtaking miracle of the newly created…

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Smith named chairman of Congressional-Executive Commission on China

New Jersey congressman will head bicameral, bipartisan panel By David Wildstein, January 17, 2023 Pledging to ‘ramp up scrutiny of those who are aiding and abetting the Communist regime,” Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Manchester) will serve as chairman of Congressional-Executive Commission on China. “Now more than ever, we must boldly stand up to the Chinese Communist…

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Rep. Chris Smith Calls for Restoring GI Bill Benefits for Troops Kicked Out over Vaccine Mandate

KRISTINA WONG 5 Dec 2022 Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) on Monday urged his colleagues to adopt his proposal to restore GI bill benefits for veterans who were kicked out over the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate. Smith’s proposal would require that no troops receive less than an honorable discharge for not complying with the mandate, which…

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