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Chris Smith receives overwhelming support in landslide victory

Toms River–Congressman Chris Smith (R-Manchester) celebrated another landslide victory by capturing more votes than any other candidate in all 12 congressional districts across the state. Smith was re-elected with a whopping 173, 288 more than 2 to 1. After the 2020 census and Congressional Redistricting, Smith now represents his seventh version of the Fourth Congressional…

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“We have to create an economy that’s strong and a nation that’s safe. A future built on freedom and a government that’s accountable.”

Excerpts of remarks by Rep. Chris Smith (R-Manchester) Election Night, November 8, 2022 Special thanks to my wife Marie for her love and extraordinary inspiration and wisdom– I couldn’t do this without her—and to our family for their steadfast support. I am deeply grateful to Republican Party leaders—County Chairs, municipal chairs and club presidents and…

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Chris Smith Asks—Where’s Biden’s clinical data for recommending COVID shots for kids that may lead to new school-entry vaccination mandates?

Upon hearing the news that the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted to add COVID vaccines to the immunization schedule for children, Chris Smith said, “The Biden Administration has a serious obligation—that it has thus far failed to meet—to disclose all of the clinical data including clinical trials that led the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization…

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