Rep Smith’s remarks at the 2023 March for Life


“…Clearly a new national debate on abortion has begun.

…Regrettably…the pro-abortion culture of denial, a modern day flat earth society, continues to deny, devalue and disrespect unborn baby girls and boys and they trivialize the harm that is suffered by women.

The United States—and the world—must recognize the breathtaking miracle of the newly created life of an unborn child and that women deserve better than abortion.

We need to care for them both.

Future generations will someday look back on us and wonder how and why a society that bragged about its commitment to human rights could have legally sanctioned and aggressively promoted child beheadings, dismemberment, chemical poisoning, and forced expulsion from the womb.

The injustice of abortion need not be forever and because of you, it wouldn’t be.”

Watch Rep Smith’s full speech here:

Rep. Chris Smith speaks at 2023 March for Life in Washington DC. – YouTube