Smith: Honoring the victims and brave first responders of 9/11

“We remember today the excruciating shock, pain and horror suffered by those who were murdered—147 from Monmouth County alone—and the anguish felt by their families and friends both then and now.

We honor the innocent victims—hard working Americans pursuing the American dream with hope, tenacity and resolve.

We honor all their loved ones including children some of whom never knew mom or dad—never had memories at the ballfield or sharing a pizza or a day at the beach.

We honor the first responders who demonstrated uncommon bravery by running up the stairs of burning buildings to rescue and protect.

Many first responders lost their lives that day—and many more have passed away in the two decades since due to massive exposure to toxic particulates and dirty air. Many have cancer, PTSD and other deleterious consequences.

We honor all of these brave Americans at this 9/11 memorial ceremony, and knowing that the perpetrators of violence and terrorism never take a holiday—nor can we.

According to the International Crisis Group there are 73 serious conflicts and crises around the world today including Ukraine. The Taliban owns Afghanistan.

We’ve got to leave our kids and grandkids a safer, more peaceful world.

So, as we remember the victims of 9/11, may each of us seriously recommit to prayer and works to ensure that violence in all of its ugly manifestations including terrorism be mitigated and ultimately defeated.”

Smith: Honoring the victims and brave first responders of 9/11 – Insider NJ