Praise for Rep Chris Smith

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I am so proud to be represented by Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) in not only New Jersey, but also in Washington, D.C.

I know I can always place trust in Congressman Smith to help me resolve issues and be there to support me.

Congressman Smith and his staff have gone above and beyond to help myself and others through difficult times.

Nonetheless, Congressman Smith always keeps things in perspective.

Congressman Smith has been representing us since 1980. He has helped us by authoring over 40 laws and promoting human rights.

Also, he has used his leadership position to introduce laws focusing on Autism. In 2014, he brought in the Autism CARES Act of 2014, which improved the Public Health Service Act.

Congressman Smith effortlessly fights for our rights and fights for justice.

I could not be anymore thankful to have a congressman like him.

His achievements in victim trafficking and prevention can be seen domestically and internationally.

His humanitarian spirit is what continues to keep our country flourishing.

Barry Fisher, Manalapan Township