Chris Smith Asks—Where’s Biden’s clinical data for recommending COVID shots for kids that may lead to new school-entry vaccination mandates?

Upon hearing the news that the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted to add COVID vaccines to the immunization schedule for children, Chris Smith said, “The Biden Administration has a serious obligation—that it has thus far failed to meet—to disclose all of the clinical data including clinical trials that led the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to recommend changes to the 2023 immunization schedule to include child COVID shots that may lead to school-entry vaccination mandates.”

Smith said that “with the health and well-being of their children at stake, parents deserve the absolute truth and total transparency.”

He asks, “Where are the clinical trials that justify this action? Vaccines currently on the immunization schedule are proven to prevent an illness; this does not. Parents are rightly concerned about possible side-effects of the vaccine on their children’s health.”

Smith pointed out that the October 20th CDC press release said that “CDC only makes recommendations for use of vaccines” and that “school-entry vaccination requirements are determined by state or local jurisdictions.”

He explained, however, that “any CDC recommendation has powerful consequences and may indeed cause states, including New Jersey, to mandate child COVID shots as a prerequisite for attending school.  That would be outrageous.”

“When will the Biden Administration release the clinical data—including clinical trials—that demonstrate both the safety and efficacy of vaccinating millions of children, especially if states make the shot mandatory and a requirement to attend school? Parents need to have all the facts on such a critical decision impacting their children’s present and potentially future health,” Smith asks.

Meanwhile, Rep. Smith noted that “the health ministries in some countries including the United KingdomDenmark and Sweden  are moving in the opposite direction and recommending that most children not get the vaccination due to low rates of COVID among children and deep concerns over possible serious side-effects.”