Central Regional student’s death prompts U.S. House action on bullying

Jenna Calderón

Asbury Park Press

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives Friday unanimously passed an amendment that would require school officials to notify parents of any video recordings of violent incidents that occur in school, officials said, a response to the Central Regional High School student who died by suicide in February.

The amendment – offered by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) – is heading to the Senate as part of the Parents Bill of Rights Act (HR 5), according to a news release from Smith’s office.

The amendment was prompted by the death of Adriana Olivia Kuch, a student at Central Regional High School in Berkeley, who took her own life days after a group of students attacked her at school and then shared a video of the assault online.

“My amendment recognizes that bullying and violence are often compounded—and the victim further traumatized, further humiliated, and further mocked—when the crime is videotaped and shared on social media,” said Smith.

The congressman said that the amendment would help keep parents informed of violent incidences at schools, and help them protect their children

“What happened at Central Regional High School must never happen again,” Smith said. “There must be no higher priority for us than school safety and protecting every student from violence.”

Berkeley Mayor Carmen Amato Jr. and the Township Council introduced a resolution asking elected officials to enact legislation to help prevent revictimization of students attacked at school, the press release said.

“We must continue to do everything we can to better protect our kids,” Amato said, adding the amendment “will give parents added information about violence and bullying in schools and allow parents to make the best decisions to protect their children.”

Editors note: The Press typically does not name teenage victims of suicide. The newspaper is identifying her because the family is unopposed and her name is being attached to a movement to prevent bullying and suicide.

Central Regional student bullying death prompts U.S. House action (app.com)