Below are excerpts of endorsements of Chris over the years

Asbury Park Press
Asbury Park Press, 2012

Smith is as tenacious as a bulldog when he addresses an issue . . .

His constituent service, by all accounts, is excellent. His work on helping to save the Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station — now part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst — from closing and, in turn, protecting thousands of jobs cannot be easily dismissed. Nor can his work on behalf of veterans, his legislation preventing human trafficking, and his efforts to provide funding for autism research, Lyme disease and a variety of other health issues.

His full-throated advocacy for full funding of the health care needs of veterans cost him the chairmanship of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, but the programs he created for them continue…
Smith has been a tireless fighter for those in his district and region. Voters do not have to agree with every position he takes on every issue to recognize an able and effective legislator who belongs in the House of Representatives.

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The Times (Trenton)
The Times (Trenton), 2010

. . . [Smith’s]energy, appetite for problem-solving and knowledge of issues and leaders at home and abroad continue to astonish.

Smith is a human-rights hawk who fights for sanctions against countries that oppress their citizens or that enable such outrages as child abduction and sex trafficking. He’s the chief sponsor of laws to fight the multibillion-dollar global trafficking racket, prosecute violators and assist its victims. He practices personal intervention when constituents of other Americans overseas are endangered or run afoul of unjust laws; his drop-everything-and-go missions have led to positive outcomes to situations in many countries. After an immediate crisis is over, Smith comes home and works on legislation to ensure that others in similar situations have U.S. law on their side.

Smith’s independent streak and his willingness to work with Democrats are frustrating to his party’s leadership.

[Smith’s opponent] accuses the congressman of being insufficiently attentive to the needs of his district — “He cares more about Africa,”…but the charge doesn’t hold up. Smith helped expedite improvements such as the new Amtrak station in Trenton and fought the closing of Fort Dix, McGuire AFB and the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, and his staff’s attention to constituent’s problems with officialdom remains exemplary.

…Smith is a leader in promoting federally funded research into adult stem cells and the use of umbilical cord blood and bone-marrow treatment and is an activist against such maladies at Alzheimer’s, autism, Lyme disease, and Spina bifida.

Chris Smith’s continuing zest for the job and effectiveness make him a walking argument against mandatory term limits.

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Philadelphia Inquirer, 2010

. . . [Smith] has served his constituents well. He has proven to be an effective legislator, one who has done an outstanding job for people in his district and for the nation…he has a refreshing independent streak and doesn’t always toe the party line. . . .

He has an especially strong record on veteran’s issues, health issues and human rights. He also takes pride, and deservedly so, in finding solutions to constituents’ problems beyond his high-profile heroics…Unlike many congressmen, Smith works with colleagues across the aisle to get things done.


Trentonian, 2008

. . . Smith has never been a radical ideologue.

. . . Smith is now renowned around the world as a fighter for human rights and rescuer of Americans caught up in foreign strife, like the detective’s daughter in Burma years ago and the family caught in the formerly Soviet Georgia earlier this year.


The Times (Trenton)
The Times (Trenton), 2008

[Smith] runs on a strong record of serving constituents, and for the most part, has a moderate record on many issues. He is a real champion of veterans and has bucked his own party in taking up their cause. And he has an enviable record on the environment.

Mr. Smith’s record on human rights, veterans’ benefits and the environment add up to enough items in the plus column to return him to Washington for another term.
The Times endorses his re-election.


Asbury Park Press
Asbury Park Press, 2008

He was rated the second-most-independent member of Congress during the Bush years by Congressional Quarterly.

Congress where independent thinking seems to be in short supply, Smith’s presence in Washington is needed more than ever. He is effective, tireless, and responsive to constituents’ needs. He deserves re-election to a 15th term.

Smith has an unparalleled record on fighting for human rights around the world and has wisely and skillfully addressed local concerns, such as veterans’ issues and increasing funding for research into autism, Alzheimer’s, Spina bifida and other diseases, and by forming coalitions with like-minded lawmakers to address the problems on the national level.
Smith is the most senior member of New Jersey’s House delegation and its most prolific lawmaker.

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Esquire, 2008

Smith has waged fights against human-rights abuses and the underfunding of veteran’s programs with a passion . . .

Esquire endorses: Smith.


Philadelphia Inquirer, 2008

. . . [Smith] has taken principled stands for human rights.

Smith also stood up for veterans against members of his own party, losing a committee chairmanship in the process.


Trentonian, 2006

In the 4th Congressional District, Chris Smith, Republican, has earned another term with his energetic service to constituents, his attention to the interests of the district and his advocacy for veterans even when it has put him at odds with his own party. On the global stage, Smith has become a tireless fighter for human rights.


The Times (Trenton)
The Times (Trenton), 2006

. . . He remains a tireless worker for his constituents, maintaining a record that’s respected even by his foes over the years.

. . . The Hamilton Republican also has been behind programs for training Trenton youths, for sponsoring a bill that would boost funding for research and education about Lyme disease, and for prodding federal investigators into taking a more thorough look at contamination problems in a neighborhood near the old Mercer Rubber plant in Hamilton, where many residents have been afflicted with cancer.
. . . He’s been a prime sponsor of the Trafficking and Violence Protection Act and of subsequent related bills that impose severe penalties on individuals engaged in the illegal trade and sanctions on countries that fail to crack down on traffickers.


Courier Post, 2006

Smith is best choice for the 4th District

Smith is a tireless human rights advocate in Congress and around the world

. . . New Jerseyans deserve representatives who know what matters most to their constituents. Smith fits that need, and we endorse him for re-election.

. . . He has built and impressive record over the years of aiding our servicewoman and servicemen.

. . . Smith also worked with other New Jersey congressional members to ensure New Jersey received its fair share of homeland security funding.

. . . Smith has done his most notable work on the international stage. He has worked tirelessly to end the trafficking of women and girls around the world.


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Asbury Park Press
Asbury Park Press, 2006

When Rep. Christopher Smith, R-NJ, latches on to a problem, he’s a bulldog in working to get it solved. His persistence, his work ethic and his ability to work in a bipartisan manner once again make him worthy of the support of voters in the 4th district.

Smith has effectively tackled a wide range of local, national, and international issues.
. . . Smith’s role as a staunch defender of human rights and his strong record on the environment, health care and veterans’ affairs make him worthy of a 14th term.


Asbury Park Press, 2006

. . . In the 4th District which covers parts of Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean counties, Rep. Chris Smith…is noted for extraordinary constituent service — and for consistently following his conscience on the issues.

That means an unyielding adherence to fighting abortion and advocating children’s and human rights around the world. His record on those issues, and others such as working to improve pay and medical care for soldiers and veterans, is unparalleled.
. . . his overall record is exemplary and he deserves re-election.


Philadelphia Inquirer, 2006

Achievement, integrity and a passion for human rights.

. . . Smith’s devotion to veterans and human rights around the world speaks highly of his personal integrity.

Smith has accumulated an impressive list of achievements as a member of Congress. He knows how to work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to turn an idea into a law.


Burlington County Times, 2006

Chris Smith serves his constituents well as he watches out for the underdog

In Chris Smith, residents of the 4th Congressional District have a passionate and hardworking lawmaker who serves his constituents diligently.

. . . Smith has also fought on behalf of the ill and elderly, including children with autism and seniors with Alzheimer’s.

. . . He is widely credited with brining significant dollars to Burlington County and his record on constituent services is second to none.

. . . The Burlington County Times endorses Chris Smith in the 2006 midterm election.

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