Two major bipartisan health bills by Rep Smith were signed into law by President Trump as part of the 2020 fiscal appropriations. Smith’s first bill, the TICK Act, creates a “new whole-of-government national strategy to combat Lyme” and other tick borne diseases.  According to Smith, “It’s taken 21 years—and over a dozen bills I’ve introduced in Congress beginning with the Lyme Disease Initiative Act of 1998 to get here. This marks a major victory for hundreds of thousands—especially and including children—who suffer from this horrific disease.”

The second bill, the End Neglected Tropical Diseases Act (HR 3460), supports the treatment, control, and elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).

According to the congressman, “More than 10 million Americans living in extreme poverty—and 1.4 billion people worldwide—are currently infected with at least one of these awful, but preventable diseases which blind, disable, disfigure and sometime kill victims.”

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