December 11, 2018 – Rep. Chris Smith chaired a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing on Monday to examine international child abduction, reported Financial Express. Smith met with parents who are fighting to bring their abducted children back to the United States.

“The Trump administration can and must use current law, especially the tools embedded in the Goldman Act, to more aggressively bring American children home to their families,” said Rep. Smith.

“Smith said more than 450 American children are abducted each year. He said 11,000 children were abducted internationally between 2008 and 2017,” reported Talk Media News.

“We have 100 American children abducted to India, with almost no hope of return home without the United States choosing to take real action, such as lowering the number of visas available to Indian citizens until abducted American children are returned,” Congressman Chris Smith said.

According to The Washington Times, Rep. Smith “plans on delivering a letter directly to the president on Tuesday” calling on the administration to use the tools and resources they have in order to pressure other countries to cooperate.