Chris Smith End Trafficking Picture

Remember to vote to re-elect Congressman Chris Smith, a leader we trust, on Tuesday, November 6th! The Asbury Park Press endorsed Rep. Smith. CLICK below to listen to Rep. Smith’s campaign radio ad about the APP Endorsement

“The Asbury Park Press has endorsed our congressman Chris Smith for re-election.

The Press said: “Smith’s appeal stems largely from the belief among voters that [Smith is] honest, hardworking, principled and not bought and sold by his campaign contributors, unlike many of his Washington colleagues. Smith also has helped bring a measure of civility to Congress, something sorely lack there.

The Press said, “we have seen no evidence that Welle, [Smith’s opponent], would contribute to an improved political climate. During the editorial board meeting, he came across as arrogant, condescending, and unfairly dismissive of the congressman’s legislative accomplishments. Welle’s style is the last thing Washington needs.

The Press added, “we have disagreed with Smith on some issues over the years, but we have never questioned his motives or his integrity. We believe Smith is the best choice on November 6th .”