Welle calls Smith “perverse” in segment about civility, shockingly claims “leadership is not about legislation”

In the race in the Fourth Congressional District for Congress—the branch of government tasked with making laws—Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04) highlighted his record of exemplary service on behalf of the people of his district during a half-hour TV debate today on News 12, which will be broadcasted later this week.

Smith noted that his record of legislative leadership is unparalleled in NJ’s congressional delegation; he has written more laws than the rest of the delegation combined. Smith’s legislative achievements include laws designed to help a wide array of citizens across NJ and the country—veterans, women, children, trafficking victims, people suffering from Alzheimer’s or autism, and many more.

Welle also bizarrely claimed that “leadership is not about legislation.” This will come as a shock to the millions of veterans, autistic children and their families, abducted children, victims of human trafficking, and others across New Jersey and throughout the United States whose lives have been transformed by Chris Smith’s leadership and ability to move his legislation through Congress and into law.

Smith referenced the independent watchdog “GovTrack,” which names him the most bipartisan Member of the NJ congressional delegation, and gives him the highest rank for leadership in the delegation as well.

Smith is ranked second out of all 435 members of the House of Representatives for authoring bills passed into law.

Astonishingly, Welle—in a segment dedicated to civility in politics—actually accused Smith of being “perverse.” It is unclear how Welle’s slur lines up with his oft-repeated mantra to “unite us” and choose “country over party” and “civility over partisanship.” Smith demanded that Welle apologize.

“It couldn’t have gone better,” said campaign manager Scott Maraldo, who was in the studio. “Mr. Welle was scripted. Congressman Smith was animated, persuasive and on-point.”