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From The American Bazaar: 

Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, has introduced a new bill in Congress named after an Indian American mother who is fighting to regain the custody of her twins that were abducted to India her by ex-husband.

The new bill titled Bindu Philips and Devon Davenport International Child Abduction Return Act of 2017” automatically removes tariff benefits for countries that are found to be out of compliance in returning abducted children back to the United States.

Bindu Philips is the mother of twins, Albert Philip Jacob and Alfred William Jacob, who according to an FBI report, says were abducted to India, in December 2008, by her then-husband Sunil Jacob in the pretext of a Christmas vacation.

The twins were 8 years old when they were taken to India.

“Bindu Philips fought valiantly in India for over eight years for the return of her abducted twin sons, only to be given the incessant delays in India’s courts and little support from the Obama Administration,” said Smith, Chair of the House panel on global human rights….

[Philips] said the New Jersey Republican had helped her meet with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on June 8, 2016, during the Indian leader’s visit to Washington. She handed over a representation to the Indian prime minister during the meeting…

According to Smith, 11 of the 13 countries found to be non-compliant in the annual Goldman Report by the US State Department in the return of abducted American children are still receiving billions of dollars in tariff exemptions under the Generalized System of Preferences. He urged the congress to cease rewarding countries that protect abductors.

“For years, the U.S. government response to abductions has been an engraved invitation to abductors,” said Smith. “Abductors have an 84% chance of no penalty for ripping their child from home and family in the United States. It is my hope and expectation that this year, the State Department will begin to act more decisively on behalf of American families so that more children come home.”

Last year, 629 American children were taken from the United States by one parent without the consent of the other, often in direct violation of valid United States court orders, United States criminal law and the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. In the absence of pressure from Washington, the rate of return of children is only 16%…

Devon Davenport, another name mentioned in the bill is the father of Nadia, who was just four months old when her mother took her to Brazil. Even though he has won every single one of the 24 appeal, he is yet to receive the custody of the daughter.

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